3 reasons to study abroad in Singapore

In my third year of university I did a semester abroad in Singapore. I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t my first, second, or third choice (actually it wasn’t even on my radar). But I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to go across the world and live in Singapore. Here are three big things that I wish I knew about Singapore before applying to study abroad:

Amazing Food and Drink

Singapore is so multicultural, no wonder the food and drink selection is amazing. From hawker centres to infamous cocktails and even 24 hour fast food delivery – Singapore is a haven for anything and everything food and drink.


The Singapore Sling is a world famous cocktail that was (surprise surprise) invented in Singapore. The Raffles Hotel is the home of the cocktail and you can still go there to have the drink today and listen to some jazz.

Hawker Centres are a Singapore food must – they are found throughout the city and have a bunch of different food stands to choose from. Be warned, they tend to get really busy during lunchtime on the weekdays with the business crowd. Lau Pa Sat  is a highly recommended Hawker centre and if you’re up for trying something new give the BBQ’d Stingray a try. If you’re not a big fish fan don’t worry – there’s plenty of Chicken Rice and Carrot Cake as well.

Top tip: On the way home from a night out, order some drunk food straight to you – McDonald’s is 24 hour delivery in Singapore.


World class education

There are two universities in Singapore – National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). NUS is ranked 12th globally and NTU is ranked 13th.

When I did my term abroad, I attended NTU and took Mass Media Studies. The campus was out of this world gorgeous. I was taught by world class professors from around the world. Both universities have great reputations worldwide so you can’t go wrong but of course, each is better in their own area.


Travel southeast Asia

Hands down the best reason to study in Singapore is to use it as a hub to travel the rest of southeast Asia – and further if you can get there! During my abroad semester, not only did I see all of Singapore, I hopped over to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. But there are so many other places you can go to and travel/accommodation is super cheap in most of southeast Asia.

Travelling this area of the world and meeting people from all around is quite possibly more valuable than any education you’ll get in University.


One thought on “3 reasons to study abroad in Singapore

  1. Very true about the food and travel. I’m addicted to prata out here! And although I came with my list of places I wanted to visit in September Asia more has been added to the list since being here! Such a great opportunity for you to have had!


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