London’s best coffee shops

I love coffee and I love London – here’s a list of coffee shops I love in London:

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs


We all know that hipsters love their coffee and the hipsters you’ll find on Leather Lane at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs are no different. This coffee shop is a great little independent with a few locations spotted around London, but I’ll usually pop into the one near Farringdon.

They do good little cakes and nibbles and the baristas can always recommend the latest bean that has just come in – they change their selection all the time. If you can get past the overwhelming hipster feel that encapsulates the place, then get yourself an espresso, you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 12.28.08.png

(Photo via Department of Coffee and Social Affairs)

Highness Café and Tea Rooms


Highness Café and Tea Rooms is a relaxed little family run coffee shop just North of Highbury Fields and it was definitely a favourite of mine when I lived in North London. The owner  is there everyday without fail and greets everyone personally.

Each day the pastries are made fresh and the sandwiches are out of this world amazing, but the coffee is the real reason why I keep going back. It’s a little bit on the pricy side but for the quality of food it’s worth it.

Highness Café has potentially the best cup of coffee in London. In fact, the cafe is so good it just won the “Most Loved Cafe in London” award by TimeOut. If you’re in North London, I’d definitely recommend stopping in.


(Photo via Highness Café and Tea Rooms)



A great cup of coffee with a big shot of sarcasm – Fuckoffee is infamous in Southwark.

The walls are absolutely covered with knick knacks and artwork that are borderline offensive (sometimes not so borderline), but who the hell cares when they make one amazing cup of coffee. Fuckoffee is all organic and they sell their own type of beans right there in the shop. On the weekends this coffee shop is insanely busy but you can hover until a seat becomes free.

I’m living in Bermondsey at the moment and I love having Fuckoffee just a couple minutes away.

image(Photo via Time Out)

Forge & Co


When I lived in East London, Shoreditch was a weekly trip for me. There are so many amazing finds in that part of London and one of my faves was the breakfast and coffee spot – Forge & Co. Their flagship is just a two minute walk from Shoreditch High Street station and has great food and damn good coffee.

If you’re looking for a place to set up shop and work for a few hours – Forge is it. You’re able to rent out their specifically designed workspaces or just walk in, order a coffee, and pull out your laptop. The big windows allow you to procrastinate the day away… which, let’s face it, is really what happens when you head to a coffee shop to get some work done.


Blighty Café


Blighty Café is one of the most understated coffee shops I’ve ever been in. It’s very unassuming from the front, with just a few tables and a small coffee bar. But once you venture farther back you see the big garden, dedicated workspace for Blighty Arts, and lounge complete with a piano free for the playing.

I stumbled over the gem accidentally one day, while searching for a cup of coffee after wandering around Finsbury Park. With comfy chairs and delicious sandwiches in the window, I couldn’t resist popping in. Somewhere between the amazing iced coffee and vintage art covering the walls, I was hooked.

They say themselves that they are “serious about coffee” and get their beans from Columbia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and Malawi.


(Photo via Islington Faces)



Half coffee shop, half bike shop, Machine is the perfect pitstop to refuel.

Another coffee shop that was discovered due to its proximity to my flat, Machine is a coffee shop in the front and full bike shop in the back. The chairs aren’t too comfy but it makes up for it with the amazing food, solid coffee, and unique atmosphere.


(Photo via Machine)


2 thoughts on “London’s best coffee shops

  1. Great blog Megan. I’m a Londoner that used to live in Canada during my youth so love seeing you posts on both sides of the pond. Didn’t even know these coffee shops existed but hey, that’s the beauty of London! Always more to discover! Enjoy the city! I miss it dearly x


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