What to wear in Morocco

While researching ahead of my recent trip to Marrakech, I found that I would need to be more creative with my wardrobe that my husband would. Morocco is a Muslim country (predominantly Sunni) resulting in a very rich and old culture for travellers to experience. As an Islamic culture it also expects women to be fairly covered and, as a Westerner, my summer closet just didn’t fit.

A good rule when travelling to Morocco as a woman is to cover your knees and shoulders. Covering your shoulders in particular is found in many religious cultures (for example, when entering many Catholic churches), but for a Westerner like myself, going to a country that is so hot and being told to cover up meant I had to get a little creative.

Here’s my guide to shopping for your upcoming trip to Morocco: 


Lightweight, high-wasted trousers

I basically lived in my super light weight, black, high-wasted pants from H&M. I desperately wish I had bought more before the trip. Try these ones that I had from H&M for £8.99.

Lightweight scarf

Scarves are my favourite travel item because they are so versatile. In Marrakech, I wore mine almost every day and used as everything from a headwrap to a shall. Definitely a must have. I love this one from Accessorize for £18.00.

Scoop-neck t-shirts

They cover your shoulders and you don’t show cleavage – win win. I bought a few from Zara that I loved but you can get them from almost anywhere. Just make sure they they are made of breathable fabric!



Marrakech was so dusty and the streets are uneven in a lot of places – I’m so happy I bought closed-toe shoes. Although mine were white, they were faux-leather so easy to wipe off at the end of the day. You probably already have a pair in your closet, I just picked them up from H&M a few months back – these ones for £17.99 are similar.

Light coat

So I was pretty skint before the trip and caved and went to Primark. I picked up a super inexpensive pink light-weight coat and loved having it because it covered my shoulders, gave my outfit a little bit of style, and was super breathable. I totally suggest buying a similar one (and avoiding Primark if possible!).




Let’s face it, men just aren’t as restricted as women are in Muslim countries when it comes to clothing. So I only have one suggestion:

Shorts with closed pockets

The one item of clothing that my husband couldn’t do without when we were in Morocco were his cargo shorts. They doubled as a bag because he kept everything in them, but he really like that all the pockets closed up securely. It made it much harder for him to be pick-pocketed and it clearly worked because we didn’t have a problem the whole trip!

You don’t necessarily have to cover up, but I did so as I wanted to be respectful of the country and culture I was experiencing. However there was one night in particular where I got so angry while trying to get dressed for dinner – I thought I looked great in an outfit but I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it out because my knees would peak out. I felt the weight of a culture demanding that I dress ‘appropriately’ because of my gender and I was very resentful. That said, the moment passed, I sorted out an outfit, and had a fab dinner.

To check out more pics from our trip to Morocco, follow me on Instagram.





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